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Christmas Nativity Set in Linden Wood

 Conrad Moroder
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 Christmas Nativity Set in Linden Wood
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Price: Call for Price!
SKU#: 178-602010W

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Product Description

Nativity set carved in wood full round finished with fine oil colors. Set includes 19 proportional pieces. All subjects can be ordered separately or as a set. Stable is a separate item from figurines, extra. Prices upon request only. 

Product details
Supplier: Conrad Moroder
All items are F.O.B. factory
Shipping: most inexpensive way
Contact us for institutional quantity discounts
Contact us for custom sizes & finishes
Contact us for all your refinishing, replating & repair needs
We will match any competitors valid quote
Toll free: 1 (800) 663-7161

Extras (contact us)
() None
(6428) Stable, colored

Size in inches & feet
19 piece 20" set (sold individually or as a set)
(SET) Contact us for the complete set price

Approximate prices shown for individual figuers (contact us)
(HF) Holy Family: $4200.00 U.S.
(KKN) King kneeling, Gaspar (blue): $2100.00 U.S.
(KST) King standing, Melchior (green): $2180.00 U.S.
(KBL) King black, Balthazar (red): $2180.00 U.S.
(SKN) Shepherd kneeling: $1320.00 U.S.
(SSTI) Shepherd w/stick: $1320.00 U.S.
(SSH) Shepherd w/sheep: $2140.00 U.S.
(SLA) Shepherd young w/lamb: $1320.00 U.S.
(SFI) Shepherd w/fireplace: $1320.00 U.S.
(SLY) Shepherd lying: $530.00 U.S.
(SSTA) Sheep standing: $630.00 U.S.
(SGR) Sheep grazing: $630.00 U.S.
(SPL) Sheep, pair lying: $630.00 U.S.
(SPS) Sheep, pair standing: $910.00 U.S.
(SLO) Sheep looking: $630.00 U.S.
(GO) Goat: $590.00 U.S.
(OX) Ox: $1010.00 U.S.
(DO) Donkey: $1010.00 U.S.
(GA) Gloria angel: $1660.00 U.S.

Model: 6020-20W

Price Last Updated: Mar 9, 2016

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