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Napa Valley Mont La Salle Sacramental Church Altar Wine

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 Napa Valley Mont La Salle Sacramental Church Altar Wine
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Product Description

AVAILABLE ONLY IN CANADA FOR CHURCH USE BY CERTIFIED PRIESTS, PASTORS, OR MINISTERS.  Altar wines are strictly controlled so they are as natural and pure as possible. There are no added preservatives, coloring or additives of any kind. Since wine is a food, opened bottles should be refrigerated or kept in a cool place for a prolonged shelf life. These wines have been approved by Most Reverand Francis A. quinn, D.D., Bishop of Sacramento, California Diocese. Altar wines come in cases of 12/750 ml bottles or 4 gal jugs/cs. Angelica, Rosato, Tokay and La Salle Special are available in cases of 4 jugs. Specially formulated grape juice for church use and wine remover for altar cloths is also available. Prices upon request only, with quantity discounts available, please contact us.

Product details
Supplier: Mont La Salle, Napa Valley wines
Shipping: most inexpensive way
Toll free: 1 (800) 663-7161

Dry altar wines (12% alchohol by volume)
Abbey red bottles: A dry full bodied burgundy type red wine with a smooth appealing taste.
(22) Rose bottles: 750ml, 12/cs

Rose wine: A popular pink colored wine with a light delicate fragrance and a fresh with a touch of natural sweetness.
(99) Rose bottles: 750ml, 12/cs
(9) Rose jugs: 1 gal, 4/cs

Haut Sauterne wine: A soft golden wine, rich with natural grape flavors.
(55) Haut Sauterne bottles: 750ml, 12/cs
(5) Haute Sauterne jugs: 1 gal, 4/cs

Light sweet altar wines (12% alchohol by volume)
Abbey White wine: Chablis type wine, medium dry
(33) Abbey White bottles: 750ml, 12/cs

Chateau Des Freres wine: A pale-gold color, rich and fruity bouquet, very popular
(44) Chateau Des Freres bottles: 750ml, 12/cs

Concord wine: A dark purple medium sweet taste
(4) Concord bottles: 750ml, 12/cs

St. Paul wine: A light, sweet red wine, garnet red in color.
(100) St. Paul bottles: 750ml, 12/cs
(10) St. Paul jugs: 1 gal, 4/cs

Rosato wine: A light sweet rose colored wine.
(9999) Rosato bottles: 750ml, 12/cs
(999) Rosato jugs: 1 gal, 4/cs

Sweet altar wines (18% alchohol by volume)
Angelica wine: An extremley popular light gold wine, very fruity and flavourful.
(11) Angelica bottles: 750ml, 12/cs
(1) Angelica jugs: 1 gal, 4/cs

La Salle Special wine: A golden colored wine that is sweet, rich and mellow.
(66) La Salle Special bottles: 750ml, 12/cs
(6) La Salle Special jugs: 4/cs

Port wine: A ruby red wine in color, naturally sweet with a rich bouquet.
(88) Port bottles: 750ml, 12/cs
(8) Port jugs: 1 gal, 4/cs

Tokay wine: An amber wine, medium sweet with a very soft flavor.
(77) Tokay bottles: 750ml, 12/cs
(7) Tokay jugs: 1 gal, 4/cs

St. Benedict: A ruby red wine in color, naturally sweet with a rich bouquet.
(3) St. Benedict bottles: 750ml, 12/cs

() None
(M) Mustum grape juice specially formulated for church use (case of 12 bottles)

() None
(WINEAWAY) Specially formulated altar cloth wine remover (sold each)


Price Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015

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