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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
44U Got 2 Believe!276-9780879739119USD$12.95
66Jesus: The Miracle Maker (DVD)405-10348DUSD$11.99
69An Empire Conquered (DVD)405-501073DUSD$15.99
76Three Days that Changed the World (DVD)405-501104DUSD$9.99
80Passion in Jerusalem (DVD)405-501105DUSD$11.99
83The Passover (DVD)405-11109DUSD$10.50
86The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (DVD)162-MOFMUSD$21.95
94The Tree of Wooden Clogs (DVD)162-TWCMUSD$24.95
103Jesus, "Who Do Men Say That I Am?" (DVD)405-500891DUSD$15.99
107A Still Small Voice: A Practical Guide on Reported Revelations162-SSVPUSD$11.95
110Paul the Emissary (DVD)405-4636DUSD$14.99
112The Revolutionary: Epic Version (DVD)405-4654DUSD$11.99
114Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power162-ALAPPUSD$9.95
117Who is Jesus? (DVD)405-4837DUSD$9.99
121The Resurrected Life (DVD)405-501106DUSD$11.99
122An Anthology162-JPAPUSD$14.95
134Creation Rediscovered: Evolution and the Importance of the Origins Debate362-1514USD$21.00
138Faith and Certitude162-FCPUSD$12.95
141From Scandal to Hope276-9781931709699USD$9.95
147Essential Writings261-9781570754951USD$15.00
177How Brief a Candle: Modern Man in the Insistent Dialectic362-1109USD$30.00
178Idylls and Rambles: Lighter Christian Essays162-IREUSD$12.95
179In the Fullness of Faith: On the Centrality of the Distinctively162-IFFPUSD$11.95
188Man As Man: The Science and Art of Ethics362-1174USD$35.00
236On the Unity of Christ404-9780881411331USD$16.00
254Custom Bishop Crozier Case439-4293USD$505.00
274Jesus Fish Miniature Emblem/Sign182-BKP9910USD$8.00
277Jesus Christian Fish Auto Emblem/Sign Bumper Sticker (5")182-BKP9890USD$9.00
278Christian Fish Auto Emblem/Sign IXOYE Bumper Sticker (5")182-BKP9891USD$9.00
281Jesus Auto Emblem/Sign (5")182-BKP9889USD$7.00
284Auto Statue Caridad del Cobre in Plastic (4")077-240COBUSD$4.15
299Marriage, Divorce and Nullity: A Guide to the Annulment Process in the Catholic Church229-1429USD$11.95
310Auto Statue Saint Regla in Plastic (4")077-240REGUSD$4.15
320Crossform Motif Pewter Keychain or Medal077-4C26USD$10.80
321Crossform Motif Pewter Keychain or Medal077-692USD$1.90
334Crossform Keychain & Medal077-4C26XXUSD$5.65
339Guardian Angel Motif Pewter Keychain077-7122GA181USD$6.50
342At Home with the Sacraments: Baptism363-9780896224780USD$9.95
343Holy Family Motif Pewter Keychain077-7122HF181USD$6.50
347Annulments and the Catholic Church: Straight Answers to Tough Questions433-9781932645002USD$13.99
350Immaculate Heart Motif Pewter Keychain077-7122IHM181USD$6.50
362Madonna & Child Motif Keychains077-AG913USD$18.00
366Miraculous Motif Nickel Plate Keychain or Medal077-242USD$0.80
367Miraculous Motif Nickel Plate Keychain or Medal077-ON30LOG24BUSD$1.75
369Animals of the Bible Coloring Book (10 pc)060-67800USD$12.50
3701-2-3 Coloring Book (10 pc)060-67400USD$12.50
371My Birthday Coloring Book (10 pc)060-69300USD$12.50
372Going to Church Coloring Book (10 pc)060-69400USD$12.50
374ABC Coloring Book (10 pc)060-67300USD$12.50
375Catholic Dictionary Coloring Book (10 pc)060-67900USD$12.50
381"Alive in the Spirit" Paperweight202-94USD$10.00
382Deacon's Cross Paperweight202-482PWUSD$16.95
383Icon of Kazan Paperweight202-993USD$12.00
384In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Him Paperweight202-91USD$9.95
385Instrument of Thy Peace Paperweight202-940USD$10.00
386Peace of Christ Paperweight202-P84USD$9.00
387Love One Another Paperweight202-P86USD$9.95
388Peace in Seven Tongues Paperweight202-96USD$9.95
390The Lord is My Strength and My Shield Paperweight202-2001USD$14.95
392Gentle Sounds Vol. 3: Instrumental Prayer for Prayer & Worship (CD)275-10213USD$17.00
393Gentle Sounds Vol. 2: Instrumental Music for Prayer and Meditation (CD)275-5551USD$17.00
394Gentle Sounds, Vol. 1: Instrumental Music for Prayer and Worship (CD)275-5548USD$17.00
395Gentle Sounds Vol. 4: Instrumental Music for Prayer & Worship (CD)275-11190USD$17.00
399Confirmation Enameled "Confirmed in Christ" Lapel Pin (1")202-B32USD$3.50
411Confirmation Enameled Cross & Holy/Spirit Dove Confirmation Lapel Pin (1")202-B25USD$4.45
422Pendant, Choir Cross (2-1/4")202-M34USD$10.50
423Pendant, Monogram of Christ Cross (2")202-M28USD$10.50
424Pendant, Fish and Loaves (2")202-P916USD$10.00
425Pendant, Fish & Loaves (1-1/2")202-P35USD$7.75
435Methodist Acolyte Cross Neck Pendant (2-1/4")202-497USD$11.95
436Pendant, Teaching Ministry & Educator (2-1/2")202-481USD$10.00
439Pendant, Usher Hospitality (2-1/2")202-478USD$10.00
442Pendant, "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ" (2")202-P915USD$10.00
444Confirmation "I Have Called You..." Neck Medal Ministry Pendant (1 1/2")202-2000USD$9.75
447Pendant, Jerusalem Cross (2-1/4")202-281USD$13.50
451Pendant, Fish & Loaves (2-1/2")202-480USD$9.95
453Pendant, Celtic Cross (2-1/2")202-282USD$13.50
454Celtic/Irish Cross Neck Pendant (2 1/2")202-M33USD$14.45
466Miraculous Medal Motif Nickel Silver Keychain077-RAM299LUSD$15.00
481Sacred Heart Motif Oxidized Keychain077-7122SHJ181USD$6.50

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 2019 Children's Liturgy of the Word
2019 Children's Liturgy of the Word